About Your First Consultation

We understand that for many people, meeting with an attorney is stressful. You have to know that you are making the right choice, because any mistake could put your visa, green card or status in the U.S. at risk.

Whether you are new to the U.S. or seeking a change of status, our attorneys at Rebecca Black Immigration, PA, of Jacksonville, Florida, can provide peace of mind. We know the laws and procedures and how they will apply to your case. At your first consultation, a lawyer will sit down with you, review your case and give you an honest assessment of how to best achieve your goals.

What You Need for Your Appointment

At the start of this attorney-client relationship, it is important that you provide us with as much documentation as possible about your immigration status in the United States. Important paperwork that you should bring to your consultation if you have access to it includes:

  • All forms of identification, including driver's license, passport and birth certificate
  • A marriage license if you are married
  • Your visa, green card or work permit
  • Your arrival-departure record (Form I-94)
  • Copies of all of your immigration paperwork, including applications, supporting letters and court documents
  • Any changes of address

Additionally, you should be ready to answer several questions about your life in the United States. Do not worry if you do not have certain information.

Contact Our Offices to Learn More

To get started and learn more about your legal rights and options, please contact us online or call our offices at 904-999-4928 to schedule an appointment during the week. We also offer free walk-in consultations at the Beach Boulevard Flea Market office from noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.