Why You Need an Immigration Attorney's Help

There are many websites on the internet that promise easy or do-it-yourself solutions for immigration. There are also people offering their services, even though they do not have any specific qualifications.

Whether you need a visa, are seeking a green card or want to become a citizen, getting approval from the U.S. government is a long, complex process. Any errors could add costly delays or even mean deportation. That is where an attorney's guidance and advocacy come in.

Staying On Top Of Your Case

At Rebecca Black Immigration, PA, our lawyers know how the immigration process works and stay on top of changes in the law. We can make sure you apply for the right visa, use the right forms and provide the proper supporting documentation to put you in the best position for success.

Do not fall victim to people taking advantage of you. The U.S. government has access to lots of data that makes it easy to determine if someone is lying or made a mistake on their forms. We can help you through the process the right way.

Immigration is not an easy process. It can take months or years, and it is essential that you have someone in your corner who knows how to handle every single detail. We have helped countless clients in Florida and Georgia for more than 10 years, and we can provide that same dedication to your case.

Talk to an Immigration Lawyer Today

To get the help you need, we invite you to contact our Jacksonville-based law firm online or call us at 904-999-4928 to schedule a consultation during the week at one of our offices. We also offer free walk-in consultations at the Beach Boulevard Flea Market office from noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.