Can I Bring Family Members with Me?

It is only natural that immigrants who have earned a green card (permanent residency) or become naturalized citizens will want to bring family members to the U.S. with them. Contrary to myth, however, immigrants are not able to sponsor any extended family members they wish.

Our lawyers at Rebecca Black Immigration, PA, work closely with people in the Jacksonville, Florida, area to help them understand their rights and what to do to sponsor family members. We stand by our clients during the long, frustrating legal process, handling every detail.

Who You Can Sponsor for a Green Card

As a green card holder, the only people you are able to sponsor for permanent residency in the U.S. are your spouse and unmarried children.

It is important to know that the wait time for a green card for these relatives can be years, because the U.S. government only makes a certain number of green cards available each year. There may be other opportunities for these family members to seek residency in the United States before earning a green card, however, and our attorneys will help explore those options.

People who have earned their citizenship can also sponsor their spouses, unmarried children, parents, married children and siblings for permanent residency. In some cases, there will be no waiting period.

Our attorneys will walk you through the process of sponsoring a family member and give you an honest assessment of what we think your chances for a successful outcome are and how long it will take. When you work with our attorneys, you can count on receiving accurate, up-to-date legal information.

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