Green Cards for Highly Skilled Workers

Rebecca Black Immigration, PA, of Jacksonville, Florida, works on behalf of highly skilled immigrant workers here in the U.S. and across the world who want to use their exceptional talents to contribute to our society.

We can help you understand your options for employment-based permanent residency through the following categories:

  • EB-1: This category is for those with "extraordinary abilities" in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics; outstanding professors and researchers; and corporate executives and managers who are transferred to the U.S. People applying under this status do not have to go through labor certification (proving that they are not taking a job away from an American worker), but many will need an employer to sponsor them.
  • EB-2: This category is for those holding advanced degrees and those with "exceptional ability" in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Applicants must go through labor certification and have employer sponsorship, except for those seeking a "national interest waiver" (such as for doctors who want to work in underserved areas).
  • EB-3: This category is for skilled workers, professionals and other workers. All applicants must go through labor certification and have a permanent, full-time job offer.

Gaining a green card and work in the U.S. through these processes can be extremely difficult and complex. Our lawyers understand where common errors are made, and we understand who qualifies under each category. We can give you an honest assessment of your options and chances for admission.

Our Services on Behalf of Employers

The labor certification process for a company to bring a highly skilled worker to the United States can be quite complex. Our lawyers understand the process and can provide the guidance to help you get through the process as efficiently as possible in terms of both cost and time. That will allow you to bring your workers here and help your business thrive.

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