Helping Temporary Workers Gain Entry To The U.S.

In both northeast Florida and southeast Georgia, industries like construction and agriculture rely on being able to hire large numbers of workers from outside the U.S. every year to get through the busy seasons. These workers are hired through the H-2 visa program.

In Jacksonville, our lawyers at Rebecca Black Immigration, PA, assist employers across the region and temporary workers who want to come to the United States to earn money for themselves and their families. We have a long track record of helping businesses stay compliant and protecting the rights of hardworking immigrants.

We Understand How the H-2 Program Works

To qualify for an H-2A visa (for agricultural work) or an H-2B visa (for nonagricultural work), the job you are filling must be temporary or seasonal in nature. Examples of seasonal work include working on construction projects in the warmer months or working on a farm during the planting and harvest seasons.

As an H-2 visa holder, you can bring your spouse and children (younger than 21) with you to the United States, but they will not be able to work in the U.S. We can help secure the proper H-4 visas for these loved ones.

Before you receive your visa, your employer will have to prove to the government that there are no qualified American citizens or any citizens willing to do the work. Your visa will likely be valid for up to one year, and you can apply for renewal. However, your H-2 visa cannot be used to gain a green card.

H-2A Visas Attract a Great Deal of Scrutiny

Employers who hire H-2A visa holders face intense oversight from federal regulators to ensure that workers are not being exploited. H-2A employers also must provide transportation, housing and food for their workers.

If you hold an H-2A visa and are not being treated fairly by your employer, we can step in and protect your rights.

Get Help from an Immigration Attorney Today

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