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L-1A visas can make it easier to transfer an employee to the U.S.

When your company is a thriving international entity, you may find reasons to hire international workers for your company's offices or operations in the United States. Sometimes, that could mean hiring new talent and requesting a visa for that professional's entry into the United States. Other times, that could mean transferring top talent from your divisions in other countries to your United States locations.

Securing visas for new hires can be a complicated process. Unless the professional in question qualifies for special visas, you may have to wait for selection from a lottery system. Thankfully, there are multiple worker visa programs, some of which are easier to participate in than others. For employees who already work for your company in another country, you could find securing an L-1A visa the simplest way to secure that person's entry into the United States.

What is an L-1A visa?

The L-1A visa program specifically applies to intracompany transfers of executives or managers. This visa can help your company secure domestic help from an international employee who already has a strong work history with your company. This applies both to international businesses with an existing presence in the United States, as well as companies operating in other countries that intend to expand operations into the United States.

The employee in question must have an existing professional relationship with your company, it's parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate. The length of employment generally must be at least one full year within the last three years. The position for this professional must be either executive or managerial in nature.

How long does an L-1A visa last?

Those who qualify for entry into and work in the United States under the L-1A visa program depends on whether the position involves a new office or an existing one. For new offices, the initial term of the L-1A visa is one year. For existing offices, the maximum initial stay under the visa program is three years. After that time expires, you can seek an extension. The government grants these in two year increments, allowing a maximum stay of up to seven years for the employee.

Direct family members including a spouse and children under the age of 21 may also seek L-2 visas to accompany their loves ones. These visas typically last for the same period of time as the L-1A visa that the worker secures.

An L-1A visa can help your business expand with the best talent

Any company that engages in international hiring practices must take great care to comply with all applicable immigration and tax laws. An L-1A visa is a legal way to secure the help of the best talent within your company for important managerial or executive positions in your domestic offices.

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