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Can you be deported with a green card?

While a green card does give you the right to stay in the United States and work, it does not necessarily protect you against deportation. However, if you have done nothing wrong and have not left the United States for extended periods of time, then your green card should remain valid and be accepted.

There are rules that you should know that apply to green cards. For instance, you're not usually allowed to leave the United States for an extended period of time to make another country your new home. If you do that, you're likely to lose your green card.

One myth is that you have to reenter the United States at least yearly, but the reality is that you don't have any requirements on your green card. However, if you wait longer than a year, you will probably find that it's harder to come back to the United States on the same green card.

What happens if you violate the law when you have green-card status?

What happens next depends on what law you broke and if it is one that could result in deportation. Usually, green-card holders only lose their green card if the law had a moral element to it, such as fraud, theft or violence. However, there is no specific outline about which violations may result in deportation, so it's always a good idea to get in contact with your legal team if you're arrested.

Green cards don't guarantee your right to stay

Green cards don't guarantee your right to stay, so it's very wise to take steps to prove that you wish to remain in the United States permanently. To do this, you can apply for U.S. citizenship. Usually, you have to wait five years after obtaining your green card to get citizenship, but obtaining your citizenship means you'll likely never risk being deported.

The only true risk of deportation following being naturalized is if you falsified your documents, won't testify before congress, are involved with subversive organizations or have a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military. Barring these situations, there is no way to be removed from the United States once you've obtained citizenship.

If you did leave the country for an extended time and need to return without citizenship, make sure you get a reentry permit. This will allow your reentry to go much more smoothly than if you don't plan in advance.

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