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March 2019 Archives

Companies adjust to changes in H-1B process

Companies in Florida and across the country are reacting to sudden and unexpected changes to the H-1B visa program. This program is particularly important to businesses hoping to hire workers with advanced skills from abroad, especially international students educated at U.S. universities. Less than two weeks before the April 1 deadline to file for an H-1B visa, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a new procedure for premium processing of applications. Many businesses make use of premium processing for a fee of $1,410, which guarantees that they will receive a decision on the application within 15 days.

Supreme Court rules on immigrant detention after criminal custody

Some immigrants who are living in Florida may be affected by a Supreme Court ruling that would allow them to be detained by immigration years after they have been released from criminal custody. The lead plaintiff in the case was a man who came to the United States as an infant in 1981. He had been born in a refugee camp after his family fled Cambodia. In 2006, the man was convicted for marijuana possession two times.

9th Circuit rules asylum seekers have right to full appeal

immigrants in Florida and elsewhere who are initially denied asylum in the United States have the right to fully appeal that decision, according to a March 7 ruling by a California federal appeals court. Current federal law only allows migrants to appeal rejections on technical grounds.

Venezuelan immigrants often seek asylum in the United States

According to current news reports, roughly 3 million people have already fled Venezuela because of political corruption and persecution. Other political researchers estimate another 5 million will attempt to leave the country before the end of 2019, leaving 9 million people displaced and in need of asylum or immigration abroad.

TPS protection extended until January 2020

Individuals from Sudan, Haiti and El Salvador who are currently living in Florida will likely be able to do so for the foreseeable future. The same is true of citizens of Nicaragua who are in the country as part of the temporary protected status (TPS) program. Although President Trump has sought to scale down the program, court battles are making that difficult at the current time.

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