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Venezuelan immigrants often seek asylum in the United States

According to current news reports, roughly 3 million people have already fled Venezuela because of political corruption and persecution. Other political researchers estimate another 5 million will attempt to leave the country before the end of 2019, leaving 9 million people displaced and in need of asylum or immigration abroad.

Unfortunately, immigration policies in the United States may make it harder than ever for people from Venezuela to secure a legal and safe place to go to. At the same time that the federal government is sending aid to Venezuela and railing against political corruption in the country, it is also turning a seemingly blind eye to the countless immigrants and refugees streaming out of the country.

Instead of taking action to make life easier for Venezuelan immigrants, the government has done the opposite. By instituting restrictions on travel and immigration for people from Venezuela, they have made it much harder for the people fleeing corruption to do so safely.

Venezuelan refugees may have to fight to receive asylum status

Given how involved the United States government has been with the situation in Venezuela, you would think that lawmakers would have created a special system to help Venezuelan refugees in need of protections. While there has been talk of creating a special program for Venezuelan asylum-seekers, nothing has happened so far on a federal level to protect Venezuelan immigrants.

There are likely 70,000 Venezuelans currently hoping to secure asylum status who have come in just the last four years. Many of these individuals could find themselves denied their asylum request and thus facing deportation back to Venezuela. In 2018, deportations of Venezuelan asylum-seekers increased by about 35 percent.

You need proof that you fear persecution

Part of the issue is that too few people actually understand the requirements for those seeking asylum in the United States. Simply being afraid for your well-being or the well-being of your children won't suffice in immigration proceedings.

Instead, you will have to show that you were personally targeted or that you belong to a minority group facing increased danger when compared with the general public. Even those who have defected from Venezuelan government jobs have had to struggle with immigration law when seeking asylum.

Between a lack of legal empowerment and a potential language barrier, there are many issues that stand between Venezuelan asylum seekers and their legal right to stay in the United States. For many of those seeking asylum, partnering with an immigration attorney is the best possible option. An attorney can assist with navigating the complicated legal path toward asylum or legal immigration. They can also assist clients who have to deal with a substantial language barrier.

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