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Immigration concerns for certain populations in Florida

Florida is a city that has many immigrants, some who are documented and others who aren't. Unfortunately, immigration policies on a state and federal level have many wondering what their future holds. Fear is rooted in the heart of many here.

There are several challenges that immigrants in this state are facing. Trying to find employment, enjoying the ability to drive on the state's roads and receive benefits when needed can be a challenge. While some lawmakers are trying to make life better for immigrants, others aren't interested in doing this at all. Instead, some are proposing bills that could make life tougher for immigrants.

Warnings issued for all immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union has issued a travel advisory for immigrants in Florida. They point to House Bill 527 and Senate Bill 168 as the reasons behind the advisory. These bills are targeting sanctuary cities in an effort to force them to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests.

Opponents of these bills note that during two years that Miami-Dade County worked with ICE, there were 420 people who had false detainer requests by the federal agency. Those were all individuals who were listed as citizens of this country. They go on to remind people that the Constitution provides protection for everyone here, including documented and undocumented individuals.

Fundamental rights for all

One of the rights that comes into the picture in these cases is the right of due process. Anyone on the soil of this country has the right to legal proceedings if they are accused of crimes. This includes claims that they are in the country illegally.

Another fundamental right of anyone here is that they are treated equally. Part of the ACLU travel warning is due to the concern that law enforcement agencies will target certain demographics of people, including those who are Latinx, black or brown. Racial profiling and unjust detention are the exact opposite of the equal treatment they are due.

For people who are being detained by ICE, the future is often frightening. Deportation hearings and other legal matters become the primary focus on the person's life. Whether you are documented or undocumented, make sure that you know what options you have for your case. This includes those for combating deportation and ones related to ensuring your rights are respected.

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