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Deportations of reunified families paused after judge's order

In a move that could help Florida families who were recently reunified, a federal judge has ordered the U.S. government to temporarily halt deportations for families who were separated at the Mexican border. More than 2,500 children between the ages of 5 and 17 were separated from their parents, and the federal government had begun an effort to reunite those families on the condition that the families would be deported together.

ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of detained immigrants

Florida residents are likely aware that the Trump administration's immigration policies have been the subject of much contentious debate. Immigrant advocacy groups have criticized the way U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents enforce these policies, and a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on May 17 alleges that the federal agency has routinely ignored its own policies and guidelines since the inauguration.

Immigration program put on hold by DOJ

Those held in Florida or anywhere else awaiting pending immigration court proceedings don't have the right to an attorney. However, there was a program started in 2003 that held group sessions with detained immigrants to help them learn more about the immigration court system. The program, which costs about $8 million a year, was put on hold by the Department of Justice (DOJ) pending a further review.

Non-criminal deportations on the rise

In Florida and other states that are home to large immigrant communities, many families live in fear that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will knock on their doors. This fear is a reflection of how the Trump administration has changed the rules to arrest more immigrants.

Detainees may proceed with class action suit

Workers in Florida and elsewhere may not be forced to labor without compensation. Nine detainees at a facility in Aurora, Colorado, claim that they were forced to clean under a housing unit sanitation policy. The suit claims that the workers would be threatened with solitary confinement if they didn't agree to work without compensation, which they claim is in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

University student caught at border checkpoint faces deportation

The situation of a 20-year-old young man detained on the West Coast illustrates the perils faced by people in Florida who lack acceptable immigration documentation. While driving with his girlfriend, the political science student encountered a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint. Agents arrested him and sent him to Otay Mesa Detention Center. This privately run prison is currently the target of a federal class-action lawsuit alleging that the facility breaks human trafficking laws.

ACLU sues for release of 10-year-old Rosa Maria

Rosa Maria Hernandez, age 10, has cerebral palsy and was being taken to a hospital for gall bladder surgery when her ambulance was stopped by Border Patrol agents on Oct. 24. When the agents could not verify that Rosa Maria had authorization to be in the U.S., the agents followed the ambulance to the hospital and told her family that she would be processed for deportation following her surgery.

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