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Deportation & Removal

The U.S Immigration and Nationality Act captures the various reasons why an immigrant may be deported. Below are some reasons.

These deportable offenses include but are not limited to:

  • Certain misdemeanors
  • All felonies, whether aggravated or not
  • Fleeing an immigration checkpoint
  • Smuggling and illegal aliens into the United States
  • Committing marriage fraud
  • Failure to register as a sex offender
  • Violation of certain protective orders
  • Conviction of a drug crime in any country
  • Conviction crimes involving moral turpitude
  • Involvement in human trafficking
  • Failure to notify the proper authorities regarding a change of address within 10 days
  • Engaging in or inciting terrorist activities of any kind, or appearing likely to do so
  • Participation in certain crimes such as genocide, religious persecution, recruitment of child soldiers, and Nazi persecution
  • Voting in a U.S. election illegally
  • Failure to lift the conditions on your conditional permanent residency card

With proper legal representation, you can avoid deportation. Yes, you may not be conversant with the laws of the land but that shouldn’t stop you from getting legal representation. We don’t just represent our clients, we leverage our wealth of experience to ensure they are aggressively represented.

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