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President Biden’s Proposed Immigration Bill

Have you heard of the proposed new bill President Biden sent to Congress? Even if it is not a law yet, we have received a lot of calls inquiring about this proposal.

Even though it’s President Biden’s proposal, it will be up to Congress to discuss it, come up with additions, subtractions, variations, and then pass it into an actual law that then goes back to the President for him to sign. It is safe to say that the proposal still has a long way to go.

Some of the key takeaways of this proposal are that it could be good news for immigrants. First,  it provides a possible pathway for people who are in the United States undocumented to become a permanent resident and then at some point, become a citizen.

Second, It makes it possible for people who have spouses and minor children or permanent residents to treat the fore-listed as immediate relatives. When reclassified as immediate relatives, these sets of people can become permanent residents themselves. 

Despite the fact that this piece of information is good news, we shouldn’t be too excited because this is a proposal. It’s not a new law yet.

In Anticipation Of The Proposal Becoming A Law, Here Is Some Of The Things You Can Do:

If you have a criminal history, it is best to get legal advice on how to go about clearing your past. Sometimes, you may need to do post-conviction relief, to clear up that record. If you are in doubt of your history, request for your criminal history. This singular act can help you and your attorney figure out if you are eligible for immigration relief or benefits, and to assess any risk of enforcement action. The idea is this when you request a record, it gives you an idea of what exactly you did. That way, you are aware of your history(that is if you have one). It also allows your attorney to know what immigration options are available to you.

Why Is One’s Criminal History Suddenly Important?

Under the current proposal by President Biden, A felony or three misdemeanors could be a valid reason for denying you a visa. So you’ve got to get that record and with the help of an attorney have it taken care of.

At the moment, I  would start collecting any kind of documentation relative to your history here. The said documents may range from the kind obtained for leasing, for automobile insurance, if you’ve sent money home, or anything that documents your physical presence in this country. This has always turned out to be useful. 

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