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DACA Recipients to Gain Access to Obamacare

Undocumented immigrants covered by DACA will soon have access to Obamacare, thanks to a new regulation from the Biden administration. This change marks a significant shift, as previously, these immigrants were excluded from federal health coverage. With over 500,000 DACA recipients in the United States, this rule is poised to benefit a large number of individuals who have been ineligible for such benefits.

The forthcoming regulation, set to be published by the Health and Human Services Department, will enable DACA recipients to enroll in health coverage and receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act starting in November. This move is expected to provide insurance to approximately 100,000 currently uninsured individuals.

President Biden expressed his support for DACA recipients, emphasizing their contributions to the country and the need to provide them with necessary assistance. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra highlighted the positive impact this regulation will have on the well-being of these immigrants, who are disproportionately uninsured compared to the general population.

This development comes amid ongoing legal battles over DACA and increased pressure on border policies. While the Trump administration attempted to dismantle DACA, legal challenges and a Supreme Court ruling in 2020 preserved the program for existing recipients. However, the program’s future remains uncertain, with ongoing litigation likely to bring it back before the Supreme Court.

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