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What do we do at Rebecca Black Immigration?

We help foreign nationals accomplish their American Dreams through investor visas, employment-based immigration processes, and temporary work visas. Families who want to stay together through marriage-based visas and waiver processes and consular processing can find solutions here.

We also help companies with worksite enforcement issues, I-9 verification, and other issues that have to do with either the Department of Labor or ICE. If companies have identified someone they wish to sponsor for the green card or PERM Labor Certification process, we can help them achieve that success. We help people come to the United States legally as well as those who seek a legal pathway to permanent residency and then eventually, citizenship.

What are the liabilities for a business owner for not having properly filed their paperwork?

Any business with employees is subject to I-9 audits by ICE and the Department of Labor. Although deceptively simple to fill out, the I-9 documents are a minefield if the employee or the supervisor doesn’t fill out these forms correctly and with completeness.

An example: A hotel in St. Augustine came to us after receiving a $40,000 fine from ICE for incorrectly filled out I-9 forms. The hotel had a 100% American workforce, with their employees from Green Cove Springs or Palatka. This owner thought he was doing all his I-9 paperwork correctly.

When ICE showed up at his doorstep and requested all his I-9 Documentation, he handed over all the paperwork, not even keeping a copy. Six months later, ICE returned and fined him $40,000 for errors in the paperwork on the grounds that he and his employees didn’t fill out their forms correctly despite his workforce being 100% legal. We were able to negotiate the fine down to $5,000- a hit for any small business but better than the $40,000 that was originally imposed.

How do people find out more about Rebecca Black Immigration?

We have low-cost office consultations on Saturdays and Sundays in our second office at the Beach Boulevard Flea market from 12 to 5 pm. Then Monday through Friday we set appointments at our office at 4830 Atlantic Boulevard.

You can call us on 904-999-4928.

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