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Because of ongoing conflicts, the United Nations estimates that there are 22.5 million refugees across the world. Many want to make their way to the United States to establish a new, safe life for themselves and their families. Whether you are already here or want to come to the U.S., we can help you understand your rights and options and give you a realistic assessment of your chances of receiving asylum.

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If you have been persecuted in your home country because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group, you may be eligible for asylum in the United States. To qualify, you must demonstrate that you are unable or unwilling to return to your home country because you fear persecution.

The process of seeking asylum can be long and complicated, but our experienced immigration attorneys can help guide you through it. We will work with you to gather the necessary evidence and documents, and represent you in your interviews with USCIS officers.

If you are already in the United States and have been placed in removal proceedings, we can help you apply for asylum as a defense against removal. We will also represent you in your hearing before an immigration judge.

You only have one year to file for asylum after arriving in the United States. Failure to do so could lead to deportation. If your spouse or children (under the age of 21) are also in the United States with you, you can include them in your filing.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with all of the paperwork associated with gaining entry to the U.S. and gaining asylum. It’s important to have a qualified professional review your case, fill out the appropriate forms, and guide you through the asylum-seeking process.

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