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L-1A visas can make it easier to transfer an employee to the U.S.

When your company is a thriving international entity, you may find reasons to hire international workers for your company's offices or operations in the United States. Sometimes, that could mean hiring new talent and requesting a visa for that professional's entry into the United States. Other times, that could mean transferring top talent from your divisions in other countries to your United States locations.

Immigration and employment tax compliance matter to your business

Running a business means making a lot of decisions, working long hours and being responsible for the well-being of your company and everyone who works there. When mistakes or oversights happen, you may find yourself financially or legally accountable. Your company doesn't need to tie up thousands of dollars to defend a hiring decision or work its way through a difficult audit of financial records.

Medical doctors should consider the potential of an O-1A visa

For those citizens of other countries who wish to accept job offers in the United States, getting a visa can be more difficult than getting the actual job. Competition for most visas is quite stiff, especially for the more popular forms. For example, the most popular and common employment visa, the H-1B visa, is often used for those who work in highly skilled fields, including medicine and research.

Ensuring your business is compliant when hiring internationally

Many businesses around the Jacksonville area have difficultly locating the perfect candidates for specialized positions, such as engineering or chemistry. Highly-educated, skilled and trained professionals are in demand, and there may simply not be enough domestic experts in your field to fill all the critical positions at your company. That can leave your company unable to complete contractual obligations or stagnated when it comes to annual growth.

Immigration policies: Facts to keep in mind

Immigration has a primarily positive impact on the United States. People come to the United States to work, be with their families, go to school and find love. Many immigrants are entrepreneurs, which means that their very presence in the United States creates jobs for others after they arrive.

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